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pop quiz: what's the best doritos flavor and why is it cool ranch

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The new Sony PlayStation

you put that disc in there. that disc just starts spinning. keeps on spinning, my god. spins so fast. games so fast. so fast. nintendo can't compete. sega?? can't compete. disc so fast. that disc'll make your game fast. fast gaming - fast disc. that disc just keeps on spinning. you're gaming - the disc is spinning. the perfect combination, between human and disc, cooperating to create an experience known only as Video Gaming.

Sony PlayStation™
its got a disc

so i'm starting new classes this semester, and because they've all been moved online I got an official program email with a discord invite to the program's discord... server...

what a reality we live in right now. they have a memes chat

if anyone has any good vtuber clips i will post them in there because of course I would

i have been running out of content™ of late, so I have decided to share with the fediverse my UWU OWO vape

best stickers i've ever bought

nothing will ever comedically top the one time the slime girl bot posted a picture of flubber

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Still thinking about the interaction I had earlier today where I was at a rest stop and some older couple pulled in next to my car and the lady says "we were just trying to see your stickers... keep homking I'm dumb as hell" *her and her husband laugh* "what does 'owo' mean by the way?"

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@Kat Hi someone showed me this post and I had to make an account just to say that this is my car! I've added a few more stickers since this post but here's one of me posing in fursuit with it

drug reference 

idea: asmr that's me getting really stoned and eating a donair with such ferocity that from the audio alone you'd think a wild animal had broken into my house and was eating me alive

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ffxiv players, right now if you go to the aftcastle in upper limsa the music playing is "answers" for some bizzare reason. i confirmed this with others in my fc and we have no idea why it's happening but it's a bit unnerving. tested on Lamia

i invite FFXIV-playing fediverse dwellers to try to top our masterpiece, as this honestly has been the most fun I've had in weeks and I'd love to see others have a go at this awful thing we've done

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a friend and I just spent like an hour trying to figure out how feasable it would be to ERP in FFXIV using nothing but auto-translate phrases.
i present to you all our mangum opus

if the many worlds interpretation is correct, then there is a world out there where bogosort is always correct on the first try and nobody can figure out why

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we as a planet and society will NEVER AGAIN capture the kind of positive energy needed to write a song as good as Barenaked Ladies - One Week

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The Degenerate Senate

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