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things I've learned about the fediverse in my two-ish weeks on it:
- everybody's horny all the time
- everyone plays FFXIV
- everybody uses Linux
- sometimes people ERP just publicly, weird flex but okay
- at least like half of the people here have a size kink, but this is fine because, uh, same
- only now do I realize that almost all of these are related to everyone being horny all the time

but most importantly of all, everyone's really nice and it's been great so far. thanks, fediverse. ❤️

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throwback to that time I made a VRChat avatar that is the single best piece of 3D art ever conceived by humanity

that's right

it's SANS UNDERTALE wearing a garfield hoodie

look forward to a month and a half from now when I have my next cursed revelation and decide to dump it on your feed

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i don't use social media very much at all-- including any fedi stuff-- but I think it's appropriate that the only real interaction I have with the fediverse is i'll have a spontaneous thought and think "oh that's awful. that sucks. i need to let the world know" and then i'll break a week or two of silence on here to share it with all you

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can't wait for the mastodon update that adds stories or fleets or whatever the hell

fuck knows we haven't got enough

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please forgive me for I have sinned

that's right

i downloaded Genshin Impact

very important research happening here: do you think Smash Mouth's "All Star" is a good song and do you like it

please go wild in the replies, knowing this is extremely important to me

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there are few things as uncomfortable as knowing there's a mosquito in the room with you but not knowing where it is

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saying 'moist' as i run my nails down a chalkboard and chew on some foil


got baked and was watching the latest hololive short, and it took me a full minute into the video to realise I had forgotten to turn on subtitles

it occurs to me that I haven't posted on here since the Hololive EN debut

unfortunately, this is no coincidence. the last 4 days have gone by in a haze of watching every single hololive en stream in a quest to achieve ultimate weeb enlightenment

i apologize for my lack of content™. when the spell wears off and I am free from the curse upon my life that is hololive EN, i shall return to this place and tell fanciful tales like that one time Gawr Gura went "a"

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If you run a mail server you are obligated to have a working postmaster account

one time in junior high i sat down with my mom and spent like an hour and a half explaining the entire plot of madoka magica to her

part of me wonders if she remembered any of it but at this point i'm too afraid to ask

so my classes have started again except this time they're all online because virus

it's pretty good so far, but every single time one of my instructors have asked an open-ended question to the class there has been complete dead silence. incredibly awkward.

usually the silence lasts until either the instructor gives up and moves on or one person answers the question for the entire class. usually that person is me because I cannot stand the awkward pauses

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